Our New Website Has Launched

September 6, 2019 News

For the past few months the ESA Website Committee has been working diligently to redesign the ESA website and offer the association a website that: Offers a Cleaner, User-Friendly Design Provides an Updated Interactive Member Directory Map Provides access to more Member Benefit Information in the Member’s Only Area Highlights Membership News & Spotlights Encourages …

Shop Tip: Surface Area Approximation

August 13, 2019 Shop Tip

When you are in the field and need to come up with a quick approximation of the surface area of a cylinder’s piston, rod or annular area, try this quick method.There is a formula for area which is D. x D. x .7854. Instead of using .7854, use .75, or the fraction 3/4. What this …

Shop Tip: Tool Holder

July 8, 2019 Shop Tip

Here is a simple tool holder rack for quick change lathe tool holders. It is fairly simple and mounted to a baseplate with a turn-table bearing. By: Dan Turner, Turner Hydraulics

July 2019 Supporting Member Spotlight

July 8, 2019 Member Spotlight

CFC Industrial Training., Div. of CFC-Solar Inc. Points of Contact Robert “Bob” Sheaf – Owner rjsheaf@cfc-solar.com Jon “JR” Rhodes – President jrhodes@cfc-solar.com Robin Friedrich – Vice President friedrich@cfc-solar.com Ian Ford – Project Manager ford@cfc-solar.com Branch Location 7042 Fairfield Business Dr., Fairfield, OH 45014-5480 Website: cfcindustrialtraining.com Phone: 1-513-874-3225 | Fax: 1-513-874-3229 Company History Originally named Certified …