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Adjustment Procedures

October 2, 2019 Shop Tip

The below shop tip was originally featured in the October 2007 ESA Newsletter. By: Bob Sheaf, CFC-Solar, Inc. Pressure Compensated Pumps with Safety Relief Valves There are 3 pressure levels to these types of systems: 1. Maximum Spike Pressure (highest PSI present) Pressure compensated pumps de-stroke when Maximum System Pressure is reached. However, these types …

Shop Tip: Surface Area Approximation

August 13, 2019 Shop Tip

When you are in the field and need to come up with a quick approximation of the surface area of a cylinder’s piston, rod or annular area, try this quick method.There is a formula for area which is D. x D. x .7854. Instead of using .7854, use .75, or the fraction 3/4. What this …

Shop Tip: Tool Holder

July 8, 2019 Shop Tip

Here is a simple tool holder rack for quick change lathe tool holders. It is fairly simple and mounted to a baseplate with a turn-table bearing. By: Dan Turner, Turner Hydraulics