The ESA is serious about surrounding its members with smart, experienced leaders in the fluid power industry who can help your business grow, and improve the knowledge and expertise of your mechanics and technicians. With a wide range of experience, competencies, and perspectives, our officers run the organisation while our directors guide our members. Both groups work to seek out businesses in the fluid power industry that are passionate about our current strategies, and can help our members adapt to ever-changing markets, geographic, and regulatory environments.


President Rick Lindemann Email
Vice President Chris Johnson Email
Secretary-Treasurer Pat Tombrello Email

Board of Directors

District 1 Officer Dan Turner Email
District 2 Officer Steve Malone Email
District 3 Officer Chris Snellgrove Email
District 4 Officer Adam McIntosh Email
District 5 Officer Steve Saulnier Email
District 6 Officer Travis Casper Email
Director at Large Randy Valleroy Email
Supporting Member Representative Paul Johnson Email
Assistant Supporting Member Representative Ron Sandy Email