Membership in the Equipment Service Association (ESA) represents a responsibility to the industry and public to maintain the highest quality of business, integrity and servicing ability. This high sense of integrity and service is a driving force behind our membership and our continued investment in improving our member companies and working together to maintain integrity in the fluid power industry.

Members are pledged to uphold the following standards of practice:

  • Members will conduct their individual business in a manner to insure the good will and confidence of the public whom they serve.
  • Members will represent manufacturers in an honest and intelligent manner so as to create a mutually beneficial and friendly understanding for the best interest of the industry.
  • Members shall not participate in misleading or false advertisements in the representation of their individual business.
  • Members shall maintain financial responsibility. They will be able to complete properly and uphold their guarantee on any work they undertake.
  • Members shall maintain adequate equipment and qualified personnel so as to perform quality service to the public and the trade at fair, equitable and nondiscriminatory charges.
  • Members shall not perform, or cause to be performed, any act which would tend to reflect adversely on their industry, fellow members, competitors or manufacturers.
  • Members shall comply both in spirit and letter with rules and regulations prescribed by law and government agencies for the health and safety of their employees and the public.
  • Members will not entice unfairly to their own employ any employee of another member. He will assist other members and competition where possible so as to upgrade our industry and warrant continued public confidence.
  • Members will maintain a clean and orderly facility.
  • Members will be honest and forthright with other members in conversation and dealings. They will not divulge information given to them in confidence. Conflict of interest or personalities will not enter into decisions on members or ESA policies.