The objective of the Equipment Service Association is to aid in the advancement and expansion of the fluid power industry in all markets; promoting activities that will enable the fluid power industry to conduct itself with the greatest economy and efficiency to improve members’ success in business. We provide education, technical and informal services necessary for members to operate in a profitable and sound manner. We are a member-driven organization whose activities are conducted according to the highest standards of business practices and ethics.

The ESA is serious about surrounding its members with smart, experienced leaders in the fluid power industry who can help your business grow, and improve the knowledge and expertise of your mechanics and technicians. With a wide range of experience, competencies, and perspectives, our officers run the organization while our directors guide our members. Both groups work to seek out businesses in the fluid power industry that are passionate about our current strategies, and can help our members adapt to ever-changing markets, geographic, and regulatory environments.

Membership in the Equipment Service Association (ESA) represents a responsibility to the industry and public to maintain the highest quality of business, integrity and servicing ability. This high sense of integrity and service is a driving force behind our membership and our continued investment in improving our member companies and working together to maintain integrity in the fluid power industry.

Through the Equipment Service Association by-laws, the ESA assures our membership has an organized leadership structure and sound management. The by-laws are broken into articles that cover purpose and procedures such as; purpose of the ESA, membership, meetings, amendments, eligibility and governance. With our by-laws in place, the ESA can operate in a fair and consistent manner for past, present and future members, officers, and board of directors.