Month - October 2019:

Adjustment Procedures

October 2, 2019 Shop Tip

The below shop tip was originally featured in the October 2007 ESA Newsletter. By: Bob Sheaf, CFC-Solar, Inc. Pressure Compensated Pumps with Safety Relief Valves There are 3 pressure levels to these types of systems: 1. Maximum Spike Pressure (highest PSI present) Pressure compensated pumps de-stroke when Maximum System Pressure is reached. However, these types …

October 2019 Supporting Member Spotlight

October 2, 2019 Member Spotlight

PowerX International LLC Points of Contact Thom Farrell – President Joe Hegedus – VP Global Sales & Marketing Jill Wortman – Operations Manager Doug Miller – VP Engineering Main Office PowerX International LLC 21860 Watertown Rd Waukesha, WI 53186-1824 Phone: 1-414-988-6202 Toll Free: 1-888-922-1881 Fax: 1-414-988-6212 Website: Who is PowerX …