From the President’s Desk
Rick Lindemann

Greetings All:

Hope you are all doing well and business is booming.

Summer is finally here; temperatures are warming up and the days are getting longer. Hard to believe we will be shooting off fireworks in 30 days or so. This is also the time of year for graduations. Many students are finishing this chapter in their education and on to the next step of their lives.

Thank you to all ESA scholarship applicants. Congratulations Jennifer Bustamante, Shandale Howard, and Corey Valleroy for winning this year’s scholarships.

Another annual event is our Tech meeting. Unfortunately, things were not quite opened up enough to have a live and in-person meeting this year. Instead of hosting a full day’s event, we have decided to host several seminars with our ESA speakers throughout the summer and fall months. Our event partner, CFC Industrial Training, has agreed to host an in-person tech event next spring when the country fully opens up after the pandemic. This is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge throughout the year.

Don’t miss out! Be sure to register for each seminar and the in-person event next year.

Till next month.

Best Regards,
Rick Lindemann