April 26, 2021 News

“My parents got involved in ESA in the late 80s. I didn’t get it, but my Dad made several good friends and had a list of contacts. In the early ‘90s, I started to go to meetings as he retired. Then I got it. These people were cool – they were much like us – into mechanical things and running into the same issues with products, systems, and customers. Here was a group of people where I could find like-minded people, grow friendships, learn inside information that took others dozens of years to learn, meet contacts from major fluid power manufactures across the US, and build a rolodex (now email list) of consultants – friends in the industry who answer any question they can.

It is about networking, but it is also about supporting the trade association that supports how you make a living. When I volunteered for office, I was able to give back, but my fellow members always gave me more in return.”

Dan Turner
Turner Hydraulics, Inc.


“ESA has many benefits that every fluid power, machining, and repair company can utilize differently. As a Board Member, I believe that the most beneficial items that really help our business is the access I have to other companies that have a wealth of tribal knowledge. There have been countless times that I have reached out to others in the group to collaborate on the best approach to provide an industry-leading solution to my customer base. This has not only been beneficial to me, but also has provided substantial sales to other companies within the ESA. I now have access to companies with very unique skills and insight. Everyone is very thoughtful and supportive within the group.

 The second most valuable thing the ESA provides is training. During our Fall and Spring conventions we host a variety of experts that have opened my eyes to new processes and technologies. The access that is granted inside this group is unparalleled and really helps our industry deliver high quality repairs and solutions to our customer base.

Travis Casper


“My involvement in ESA goes back to 1981 when I owned a Hydraulic Repair Shop.  Over the years ESA has been a great resource for products, information, and networking.  In non-Covid times, traveling to attend the Conventions, Tech Conferences, and shop tours has brought a wealth of information while enjoying traveling to nice venues.  There are always fresh ideas to improve our businesses as we share best practices and support each other.  We have created lifelong personal and business friendships that never can be replaced.  A great job was done again with the ESA Virtual Tech Conference in the Covid times of 2020.  I have always appreciated the new and refreshed information offered by the ESA Tech Speakers and Supporting Members.  This year we had great information presented on ISO Codes, Seal Failures, Cylinders, Hoses, and Industrial Hydraulics. All this information has been very helpful over the years as we renew our understanding and continue to train our employees.”

CFC Industrial Training