ESA, in conjunction with Cleveland Research Company (CRC), is pleased to introduce a monthly Industry Trends Report based in part on data collected from ESA Members. The Industry Trends Report provides a monthly snapshot of ESA members with graphs and analysis on monthly sales growth, sales growth outlooks, end market performance, pricing, and inventory environments, and key manufacturing sector indicators, as complied in a simple, quick, and completely confidential online survey. Participating firms receive these reports immediately; all members are able to download the monthly report when they receive the ESA Newsletter.

Please note that all answers are anonymous and all information supplied is averaged, with no mention of individual or company names.

CRC is an independent research firm headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio that focuses on identifying fundamental inflections across companies and markets using its disciplined research process and industry expertise. CRC’s research method, “Channel Research” is anchored in regular engagement with a vast network of companies and individuals across the industries it covers. Leveraging its broad industry network, CRC is able to provide real-time, concise updates on KPIs and contextualize them within the broader market and macroeconomic landscape to help you better understand the business environment you are operating in. CRC has 10+ years’ experience conducting industry surveys in order to help companies obtain the information and conviction needed to make better, more informed decisions.

For more information, please contact Executive Director, Amy Luckado at